Thursday, 27 October 2016

Ideas to Organize Kitchen Storage

For most of the people, kitchen is the most difficult place to organize because it is the home of majority of home appliances. Countless accessories, lots of food cans and utensils can be pretty messy if not organized, especially in the small kitchens. In that case, using pots and bowls to enhance the storage can do the trick. Furthermore, some structural changes using hammers and nails can also help creating sufficient storage for kitchen items.

 Below, we are going to discuss some ‘worked upon’ ideas that would definitely help in solving kitchen storage dilemma.
  1. Creating a pantry that would be attached to the kitchen is an amazing idea to enhance kitchen storage. A walk-in pantry is ideally a hidden storage area which can hold the bulk of your kitchen appliances and accessories. You can add as many shelves in this area as you want at any time later.
  2. Some of kitchen corners are built in such a way that they do not allow the drawers to be created near them. But what about making drawers right into those corners. Opening those drawers might seem a bit awkward but there is nothing better than a contributing place to store items of a kitchen that deals with countless accessories and a lot of appliances.
  3. Utensil drawer is another great idea to store sharp edges silverware which can be dangerous if placed openly. The same open air storing technique can be applied to contain these utensils in the drawer.
  4. The areas under sinks are usually not considered for any kind of use. If you take a brief look, it wouldn’t take a second for you to realize that this big space can be made useful by making it a storage place. An under-sink drawer is an ideal place to store chemical cleaners that only belong to the kitchen but they can’t be placed among other kitchen items.
  5. Exposed trash cans can be hazardous and unhygienic, and placing them under any shelf makes them difficult to reach. To counter this issue, you can make a drawer in the place where these cans are kept. These pullout drawers will provide quicker accessibility and you can immediately hide the cans after use.
  6. The part of the kitchen shelf that comes under the upper wall cabinets is usually a free space in most of the kitchens. You can make a use of this space by making a little garage to store appliances. The biggest benefit of keeping appliances in this tiny garage is that they remain safe and you don’t have to make adjustments in others cabinets and shelves to store appliances.
  7. If you don’t want your kitchen to look like a storage place, you can build drawers in the walls. To conceal those drawers, you can use wall panels made of faux stone. These real-like stone panels would easily hide the storage drawers from any one coming in your kitchen.

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