Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Home improvement

2019 is well under way at this point in the year, and you’ve likely cast aside all resolutions for the new year (don’t worry, we have too). Perhaps you had a few resolutions about getting in better shape. Maybe you said you were going to eat healthier.

What about home improvement tasks? You may have had a few larger projects listed but they’re just too daunting, time consuming, and expensive to tackle all in a single weekend. We totally understand that.

So, how about some organization instead? It would help to keep your life and home in order this year, which only helps out in other aspects of your life. Whether you’re introducing new items into your house (which we have suggestions for) or just updating your frame of mind, organization builds better avenues to success.

Use ottomans and storage benches to your advantage.

These are both criminally underrated pieces of furniture in helping with storage and organization. We’ve always thrown extra blankets and pillows in our ottomans and we use our storage bench as a shoe rack. The bonus is that both function doubly as actual furniture to sit on or put your feet up on. We absolutely love versatility and both of these win in that department.


I never knew the magic of whiteboards until this year. My goodness has it helped us to be more organized, better scheduled, and we never, ever forget certain grocery items when heading to the store thanks to our “Buy these items immediately” section on our whiteboard.

Find a spice rack that fits your personality.

Again, this is a criminally underrated piece for your home. It’s the king of cool kitchen ware, especially if you have something unique and yet easy to access. So often I see spice racks that are too cluttered and it’s hard to find the exact spice you’re in search of. Make sure you get one that’s very well organized, open so that you can easily pick a specific bottle out, and that it’s wood. Wood spice racks are the only way to go, in my opinion. Having a spice rack is, simply put, an invaluable commodity. Everything is visible and in its rightful place when you go to search for something you specifically need for that new recipe you’re trying out.

Get a nice bookshelf.
These look best on either side of your home entertainment system if they’re taller. And if they’re smaller bookracks that sit low to the floor, I absolutely adore placing them beneath my windows. It presents a beautiful juxtaposition of nature and knowledge.

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